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killing it

2015 in Review

My favorite product I bought last year was a dustbuster. No joke. And in a way, wasn’t the majority of 2015 about busting the dust of life? I wrote the most words, wrote the most code, took the most flights, took the most vacation and spent the most time in my hometown of my adult life. I went to Disneyland for the first time in two decades. I went to a feminist science fiction convention. I went to PAX in Seattle. I became an HBO subscriber. I went house-hunting in San Diego. I built a new computer in real life, and time machines in my writing life.

Still, time moves on. I’ve only managed to post a Best Of list two out of the past four years so let’s not get too precious about it. Here are some of my favorite things I remember from the year that was 2015:

Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road, the soundtrack of It Follows, Bill Hader and LeBron James in Trainwreck, anything and everything Amy Schumer,

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Killing it: The Chicago Blackhawks

More euphoric moments like these for Chicago, please

I could totally do that thing where I wax poetic about how great a hockey team the Blackhawks are: how they swept a very good San Jose Sharks team in the playoffs this year, how their ridiculously good young players are only going to get better, how this may be the start of an awesome sports dynasty

But the simple truth is I just don’t understand hockey. And yes, even with my home team winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in my lifetime, it still wasn’t enough to get me to sit down and watch a single game. Maybe someday. All I know is, not only did they win that obscenely large chalice but they did it in killing fashion.

So congrats to the Blackhawks and my beloved city of Chicago. You killed it. I admire your dominance from afar.

Killing it: Fashion for Writers

Dear friends (Asian writer friends!) Jenny and Meggy started a blog last year called Fashion for Writers which has quickly become one of my favorite internet treasures, not only for its confessional tidbits, its extensive pictorials and its mind-expanding use of language and anecdotes, but also for the simple fact that these girls have been doing a fairly damn good job updating it on a regular basis – no easy feat in this modern day and age. Each packed post leaves me feeling one iota more knowledgeable about fashion, and several iotas more admiring of the fashionable lady who wrote it.

Killing It: Modern Family

cast of Modern Family

Modern Family is hands down my favorite new show of the season: its pitch-perfect cast and remarkably assured tone have delivered what could easily be one of the strongest first seasons ever for a sitcom. And though it uses the now oft-imitated mockumentary style of The Office, execution is everything; it easily bypasses the conceit of the format simply by ditching any explanation for it altogether.

Here’s to sharp writing, some truly breakout performances and a fresh take on the nuclear family. Modern Family kills it.