So the other night I finally got around to entering a bunch of old bills into Billmonk and noticed for the first time that their UI for entering bills is ridiculous. After filling out all your info for a bill/expense/indiscretion-I-will-never-disclose-on-this-blog you’re prompted with the following buttons:
Because every form should end with a button that deletes its existence

Couple questions. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to a) have a “Don’t save” button at the end of a form, b) color it the brighter, more attractive color, and c) put it on the left within easier reach for someone who has just filled out all their information? Seriously, Billmonk? Seriously?? Notice how the extra text even results in the “Don’t save” being the larger, more clickable button?

Being the open-minded person I am, I started thinking, “Surely there’s a good reason for this.” Wrong. There’s NEVER a good reason to confuse your user like this. Why does this button exist? Why not just let someone save a form with bad data when they can easily delete later? And if for some ungodly reason you really need to have this button because you love the way it looks and can’t live without it and want to marry it and have lucid dreams with it where the two of you grow old together, why insert it right at the end of your successful user flow?

To help further illustrate this amusing absurdity I went to the trouble of mocking up some visualizations of comparable situations:
Aren't you curious which scenarios got left on the cutting room floor?
That last one actually works, just seeing if you’re paying attention.