There are two people I’m extremely jealous of these days. They’re actually kind of struggling where they are right now, but I think they’ve been thrust into fantastic opportunities that they will eventually be able to deliver on. I think what I’m even more jealous of is the fact that I know they are learning and growing and bettering themselves with every passing moment. There are certainly days when I’m able to feel this way at my job, but these guys inspire true envy.

1) Mark Zuckerberg — CEO of a property no less than Facebook in his early twenties. Yeah, he started out knowing nothing about business. And yeah, those first few press interviews and Facebook keynotes were cringe-worthy, particularly when the poor guy actually tried to channel Steve Jobs. But dude’s only in his 20’s, and sitting on a frakking goldmine just begging to be monetized. This thing’s got legs, and the potential to truly be a long-term business. Just give him time: if he plays it right, he will be Jobs in a few decades.

2) Jimmy Fallon — new host of Late Night. I’ve only seen an episode and a half so far, and it seems like it’s been a little rough going. But how awesome is it to be given your own late night talk show? Setting aside the fact that choosing him to replace Conan seemed pretty out of left field, it’s clear that anyone backed by Lorne Michaels is going to get more than a fair shot. Conan took a while to hit his stride, and I’m sure Fallon will do the same.

So if there’s one thing I’m really saying in this post, it’s that I want to be a startup CEO who hosts his own talk show. Totally doable, right? Though what I really want to do is direct.