• I was pleasantly surprised (actually, quite dumbfounded) today to discover that my office building was already available as a check-in point in foursquare.  And triangulated from my first-gen iPhone’s EDGE signal, no less.
  • I also hadn’t realized that Blackberry App World already went live.  I used it to download the latest Facebook upgrade and found it a much better experience than I expected — the UI’s got that same space-age style introduced with the Bold and Storm.  Oh, and it looks like some companies are actually pricing apps way above App Store price points…wonder how that’s going over?
  • I also noticed the latest TwitterFon update finally introduced AdMob ads.  Sigh.  I’ve been enjoying desktop Tweetie so much I may just purchase the iPhone app.

Pre in 9 days.  v3 iPhone in 11.  Tablet Mac in…