I’m probably not going to be getting a new iPhone anytime soon.  Frankly I was a little underwhelmed by the V2 design, primarily because my biggest gripes (poor battery life, an amazingly sub-par camera) weren’t addressed.  Plus that whole rate bump for 3G service makes me think my V1 iPhone might still be the better deal.

But the most interesting thing will be seeing what happens with the App Store.  If anyone can execute on this model it’s Apple; Facebook has proven (mostly through failure, unfortunately) that a certain level of regulation and editing is needed in order to make the app market for an open platform successful.  Otherwise, you’re just facing way too much noise from all the wannabes trying to cash in on the latest marketing channel.  To be clear, it’s not certain the App Store will pull it off — can they regulate enough to help users make sense of it all?  e.g. how many different location-based social networking apps do you expect to see? — but again, I wouldn’t want to bet against them.  With functioning Android handsets delayed even further, I think Apple’s in a great position: they’ve got true first-mover advantage and an ultra-early adopter rabid user base that creates exactly the right network for mobile apps to succeed.

I’ve just updated to 2.0 and successfully re-activated.  I can’t wait to see how all of this unfolds.