Ok, a few corrections are in order: unfortunately I made it to the gym not 75 times in 2008 but 73.  Woefully short of my target of 100, but I blame the cold December and the ridiculous sickness that had me bed-ridden for 2 weeks (nevermind the pace I was keeping those other 11 months).

On the other hand, I’m most happy to report that I saw 31 movies instead of  the 29 quoted previously.  That still leaves me with a downright unprintable Top 10 Movies of 2008, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on a few more contenders as we roll into Oscar season.  And yes, I vow to do better.

A  few more of my favorite things from 2008: Arinell’s Pizza, my work MacBook Pro, Parallels, brunches/TV show plotting with Nicole, dinners with Ben, the primaries, the blogs of Jane and Amanda, any kind of sushi served by anyone anywhere, Chris Paul, Bi-Rite Creamery, that LeBron James commercial for Nike basketball, writing my first spec script for 30 Rock, outings with Rich and his cousins, the new MacBook redesign, lunches at Google, that David Fincher commercial for Nike football, seeing Night of the Living Dead at the Castro with Anthony and Ryan, Hulu.com, pho from Turtle Tower, conducting interviews for LeadersWiki, A Date with Lu Yu, and the genius addition of flashforwards to Lost.

And I guess that’s enough about 2008.  Game on, 2009.