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this modern life

Winter meetings

In that time-honored tradition of winter break, I’ll be spending the next two weeks at home. There are honestly a ridiculous number of things I want to get done during this time – to the point where I know I won’t be able to get to all of them – but let me just state for the record that I’ve never been happier to be going home. Seriously. All in all 2007’s been something of a minefield, but mostly in the “th-th-that that don’t kill me” sort of way. At least, that’s what I choose to believe. And I truly do believe it.

What I’m looking forward to the most: seeing the fam, having some time to think, and plotting out 2008. Oh, and making end-of-year lists, of course. I’m all about the lists.

Today on the Muni Metro (10/22)

Today’s edition comes with a bonus story: this evening while riding the muni back from the gym I sat down next to a gentleman rolling an enormous doobie. Despite the absurdity of the moment I admired his chutzpah; his female companion, however, seemed wholly disinterested. I began to doubt his resolve when he kept fiddling with his paper and refused to seal it – maybe he just needed to keep his fingers busy? – but I think he’d commenced licking when I got off.

Spotted today (only on the ride home):

  • Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
  • Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card
  • St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell
  • Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan
  • Second Innocence: Rediscovering Joy and Wonder: A Guide to Renewal in Work, Relationships, and Daily Life by John Izzo, Ph.D.