Let’s not beat around the bush: 2019 damn near killed me.  It was a tough year on a personal level. One could certainly also point to the world at large etc. etc. but sometimes it’s comforting to be distracted (or mortally threatened) by what’s directly in front of you.  So 2019 wasn’t great, but that’s okay. Some years are up and some years are down. That’s why we play the game.

But alas, dear reader, what this also means is that I’m not really in the mood for a best of/year in review post.  That’s not to say 2019 wasn’t without its beautiful moments, it’s just that everything might be a little too fresh.  The preponderance of “Best of Decade” lists being thrown around also feels premature—what say we give this sucker some time to sink in?

So where does that leave us?  I don’t know what kind of creature 2020 will turn out to be but thus far it’s been pleasant enough. So I promise to keep slugging away.  There will be at least one 2019 movies post because I’ve actually compiled the data.  And yes, I promise I’ll post more than once this year.