I’ve blogged about this before, but it occurred to me that if George R.R. Martin is still willing to recap games of the woeful Giants and Jets this season it’s my duty to post about the Bears at least a couple times.

Somehow our beloved Bears are 5-1 right now, despite the fact that we still have one of the worst-looking offenses in football. The switch from Trubisky to Foles was welcome and necessary, and yet we’re still unable to move the ball consistently. The running game remains nonexistent. I honestly can’t remember a time when our offense looked more inept than it has these past two seasons, which—thinking back to certain Kyle Orton or Marc Trestman years—is really saying something. Basically we’re one of the least reassuring 5-1 teams in history. At least the defense is starting to look better after a shaky start, with rookie corner Jaylon Johnson looking like a great pick.

Still, in a completely unpredictable season, it’s better to be on top than not. And I have to think at the very least this offense will get better by regressing towards the mean—words no one ever wants to hear unless their offense is ranked in the bottom 5.

At least I’m not a Jets fan (sorry, George and Garry Vee).