I’ve gotta confess to harboring an ungodly amount of gadget lust of late.  On my list:

  • I’ve been playing around with my old DV camcorder recently and I’ve decided that I really want me some HD video.  I’m thinking either Flip MinoHD or the Canon Vixia HF10.
  • The idea of owning an Xbox 360 has been haunting me for months, and then I find out they’re coming out with a red one THIS WEEK.
  • Though I was underwhelmed with the Kindle 2 design I still find myself wanting it.
  • The poor performance on my three year-old MacBook Pro has caused me to seriously consider getting a new computer, and gasp…I’m not even requiring that it has to be a Mac.  If only Windows 7 would hurry up and release already.
  • I’ve held up on upgrading my iPhone, but only because I’m dying to see what the Palm Pre and the next gen Android and iPhone models look like before deciding on my next contract.

And well, thus concludes my brief ode to consumerist hedonism in the midst of economic fallout.  At least the market was up today.

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