Welp, we made it to 2021. There’ll be reflection and analysis (and a “Best of” list of some kind) for 2020 at a future date, but for now let’s celebrate the fact that our Chicago Bears—in spite of a dismal six game losing streak, a suspect offense and a suddenly shaky defense—have somehow made it to a final regular season game that matters!

And against our archrivals the Packers, no less.

A win and we’re in the playoffs. Meanwhile, the undeniably superior Packers have a reason to care as well: if they win they clinch the number one seed and a first round playoff bye.

There hasn’t been a Bears-Packers game with this much at stake in a long time, which unfortunately also means it has all the makings of a colossal letdown if you’re a Bears fan.

I’m writing pre-kickoff but by the time you read this it’s quite likely the game is already over and the Bears have been destroyed, nemesis Aaron Rodgers has locked down his MVP award and we have more questions than ever about the future of our team.

BUT we have a chance. That’s why they play the game, as the saying goes.

And these days, that’s all anyone can ask for.